A major component of developing a component or assembly of various components is prototyping. Knowing if the component, manufacturing process and anticipated finish meet your needs before making major investments in tooling and full scale production is critical from a cost and risk mitigation perspective. Eastside has a team committed to this process allowing you and your team to see what your part is going to look like or how it’s going to fit or you may want to take it to a trade show.

In addition to the prototype process, the Eastside team can work with you and your team to ensure the following variables are discussed and validated prior to making the investment into production volumes:

  • Layup analysis – reviewing the strength, stiffness and cosmetic needs of your component. Our team can provided engineering services to produce the layup that meets your needs, with performance characteristics for you, your engineering team or your customers review.
  • Tooling analysis – taking your component, reviewing the finish and part properties are manufacturable both short term and long term.
  • Volume analysis – looking at the manufacturing process that suits the volumes you require both daily and annually. Our table below is a great resource for assessing the tooling and production process that meets your needs.
Property  Open Molding  VIP  CCBM  RTM Lite  RTM  LPLT
 Part Volumes  <100  <200  50 – 500  50 – 2,000  2,000 – 30,0000  >30,000
 Part Backside Appearance  Rough  Rough – Smooth  Matte  Smooth  Smooth  Smooth
 Emission Reduction  Baseline  90%  90%  90%  90%  90%
  • Finish Analysis – our team will lastly look at the finish you are looking for on your component; we can develop and validate a finish process to meet your performance and cosmetic needs. Reviewing corrosion resistance, adhesion, gloss.

We can work with you and your team to ensure we develop the material load that meets your components needs. Ensuring the appropriate resins, glass and reinforcement materials are used to have your component perform to your expectations is a key process in developing a new component at our facility. Should you and your team require performance levels for a proposed material load Eastside can provide this information to ensure you make an informed decision when assessing what process and what materials go into the component we will produce for you.

Rapid prototyping

Do you have a short timeline for a special project?

Eastside can develop direct prototype tooling to meet small test components or pilot runs prior to moving to full production tooling. Ask us how!

3D scanning

Our 3D scanning technology helps speed up production while simultaneously preventing errors, allowing us to create and reverse engineer precision parts, develop CAD files, use 3D models for composite blends, compare parts for consistency, and highlight any differences between the CAD design and actual parts. This is all part of our commitment to quality assurance through innovation.

3D Scanning

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