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Eastside Industrial has an experienced team of professionals and experts in the composite tooling and manufacturing industry which allows us to present multiple manufacturing processes and techniques to our customer, working with them to assess the best process to meet their needs and any long term plans to move to higher or lower production levels. This is done to ensure all viable options are properly researched prior to commencing production of a component.

The capabilities our team include:

  • Where components that require an A finish, we have the ability to prepare them with a finishing gel coat built into the part.
  • If you prefer paint, our industrial coating team can take a traditional component to a painted finished part that meets any A finish paint standard.
  • Mold coatings can be developed for multiple uses such as bathware, transportation equipment or interior components to name a few.

Our internal manufacturing processes include:

  • Open Mold Manufacturing via hand lay up and chop strand;
  • RTM Lite; and
  • Infusion and Closed Cavity Bag molding.

We are able to develop and produce the tooling to accommodate any of these manufacturing processes.

At Eastside, our focus is on quality; as such we have invested in our team via training, regular component audits and the equipment to allow them to consistently deliver quality products.Once your component is produced, the Eastside team can provide a number of value-added processes to reduce your component lead time, minimize the logistics required to manage the supply of a component and likely lessen the cost to bring a component to your facility. Our post production processes include:

Automated, robotic water jet trimming

Eastside continuously invests in technology to ensure a safe and effective work environment for our staff and our customers respectively. In 2009, Eastside was the first manufacturer in Manitoba to develop water jet trimming utilizing a 5 axis robotic arm. Not only is this one of the safest methods to trim fiberglass components, it is the most efficient method. Utilizing robotics allows for precise dimensions to ensure your components are to specification consistently and effectively. With multiple robots in use, Eastside is able to cut production time on your components exponentially. This also allows for changes to be easily programed in the event a revision to your part dimensions is required.

Eastside also offers trimming services to other substrates that may have a complex level of trimming, cutting or a high degree of consistency required to meet quality standards. Contact us if you require any trimming for your components.


Composites Assembly

Sub and Complete Assembly – Once your components are manufactured and trimmed to your specific needs, our team has the ability to procure any necessary subcomponents and perform necessary assembly, both mechanically and through the use of adhesives, to meet your full assembly needs. Our tooling team is capable of developing fixtures to ensure consistent and efficient assembly of your components. We can get you the component your team needs, reducing overhandling of components in your facility as well as procurement of multiple materials / subcomponents by purchasing a higher level assembly, saving you time, complexity and money.

Component Supply – Eastside’s expert purchasing team is able to source, supply and manage subcomponents required in any assembly. We have long-standing relationships with a number of metal, plastic, paint and adhesive suppliers to ensure we are able to supply the subcomponents you require for your components.

We can work with your approved suppliers or recommend those that we have worked with via the multiple OEMs we currently supply, getting the right product at the best price to meet your needs.

Utilizing both vendor managed inventory as well as kanban inventory systems, we ensure all sub components are in place and ready for assembly to meet your on time delivery needs in the most cost effective manner possible.

Tooling Manufacturing

Composites Buff

Eastside industrial has a full tooling manufacturing suite to ensure your design is properly analyzed for manufacturability, costing and ensuring the final product will meet your desired performance requirements.

It is very important to us that the fibreglass mold we build for you will meet your daily production needs and have a long lifespan.

Mold or tooling manufacturing is our specialty. Designing your mold to make quality parts is what we do. A mold can be a simple flat panel or three or four sets of tools.

From your sketches or drawings we can determine how the part is going to release from the mold. Relief angles and undercuts are sometimes overlooked, so we pay close attention to details before getting started and consult with you and your team to develop the most cost-effective tooling both today and over the life of your components.

The process for tooling is as follows:

  1. You provide a drawing or concept.
  2. We develop a master part or tool which is CNC machined to the drawing / concept.
  3. We produce a prototype part to validate any performance characteristics of the proposed part and make any necessary changes.
  4. Upon validation, we move to production tooling.

Eastside has a history of developing tooling for multiple manufacturing processes such as RTM Lite, Open mold / Hand Layup, Infusion and CCBL. We have a team in place to produce the tooling you need that best fits your components attributes and the volumes you intend to produce.

3D scanning

Our 3D scanning technology helps speed up production while simultaneously preventing errors, allowing us to create and reverse engineer precision parts, develop CAD files, use 3D models for composite blends, compare parts for consistency, and highlight any differences between the CAD design and actual parts. This is all part of our commitment to quality assurance through innovation.

3D Scanning

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