3D Scanning

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We’ve taken our rigorous quality assurance standards even further with the addition of new 3D scanning technology, which helps us speed up production while improving accuracy.

Why we scan parts

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We strive to be on the cutting edge of prototyping, assembly, coatings, and composites manufacturing. Taking advantage of the latest technology helps us serve you better in the following ways:

  • Fast, extremely accurate results
  • Speeds up production while preventing errors
  • Complete measurement information, ensuring the final part matches your CAD model
  • Developing CAD files when there are no files available

How it works

Our technicians use a handheld scanner that lets them create a 3D model of a vehicle, which is then used to design and build whichever parts are required. The scanner uses a series of lasers to map out the structure of the vehicle with incredible accuracy and relays the images to a program that lets us view and manipulate the 3D model so that we can develop the necessary parts.

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3DScan Howitworks

Benefits of 3D scanning

3DScan Benefitsof3Dscanning

The precision of 3D scanning helps our technicians take quality assurance to the next level, decreasing waste and speeding up the production process. The scanner helps us do all of the following:

  • Scan a completed part or tool and compare it to the original CAD drawing
  • Highlight any differences between the intended CAD design and the actual part
  • Develop a CAD file for a customer when a part requires it
  • Reverse engineer parts in order to accurately produce more
  • Compare parts to parts to assess the consistency of production
  • Use 3D models for composite blends
  • Go from prototype to production more quickly while maintaining accuracy and quality